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Toosha Aari Jama Shawls

Our Toosha Aari Jama Shawls, showcase the exquisite talent of Kashmiris. These painstakingly had embroidered Toosha Aari Jama Shawls are available is a wide range of colors and designs. The premium quality of the Toosha Aari Jama Shawls we offer is reflected in is softness and suppleness, while they keep you incredibly cozy during winters. We are a highly respected supplier, manufacturer and exporter of Toosha Aari Jama Shawls from South Delhi, Delhi, India.


Notes :

  • Available in Random colors.
  • customisation is welcome

Details :

  • Minimum Requirement - 10 Pieces for Miscellaneous Colors
  • 10 Pcs for Custom Colors
  • Product Code - Rs015
  • Item Name - Toosha Aari Jama Shawl
  • Material Composition - 100% Wool
  • Size - 80cms X 200 Cms (30x 80 Inch)
  • Price - 50 Us$ - 60 Us $